Now, more than ever before, companies depend on the stability of their existing accounts. There is a lot we’re all learning about in the ‘new normal’ but companies don’t have to settle for stability. By committing to your client’s challenges, you can overcome uncertainty and drive mutual growth even in challenging times.

Your customers are looking for strategic partners to help them succeed – a ‘lifeline’ in times of trouble. Optimize revenue growth and help your strategic client partners navigate crisis by implementing consistent processes for cross-sell and upsell that increase visibility and internal alignment.

On this free webinar with Forrester you'll learn how to:
• Ensure renewals through key account visibility
• Build organizational alignment around your client’s goals
• Identify and prioritize cross-sell/upsell opportunities
• Measure cross-sell and upsell performance

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How to Achieve Revenue Growth in
The New Normal with Cross-Sell & Upsell

Sign up now to watch an engaging webinar with Steve Silver, VP, Research Director, Sales Operations Strategies at Forrester, and Tim Braman, VP Corporate Strategy and Global Accounts at Revegy, as they discuss how to achieve stability and growth in the ‘new normal’ with customer centric cross-sell and upsell programs for key accounts.


Steve Silver
VP, Research Director
Sales Operations Strategies
Tim Braman
VP Corporate Strategy and
Global Accounts